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metaDedi was created, to help to find you the cheapest dedicated server for your intended use case. Before you had outdated lists in some forums, no real overview, what is in stock, what would be the cheapest option.

So metaDedi was born, to help you with the search.
A dedicated server does not need to be expensive, they start from 2.99€, you likely find a dedicated below 35€ for your use case.

Obviously, we can never list every single provider on this planet, but the goal is, to add as much providers as possible, to provide you a deep overview.
But YOU can help us, to reach the goal faster and to make metaDedi fancier, we always need helping hands

How you can help us

Report incorrect listings

It can happen, that a listing is incorrect.
The cause may have several reasons, some of which we cannot control. So if you find one, please report it on Discord or IRC Freenode (#novaDedi). Thanks!.


metaDedi has no advertisements or affiliates, please help us to cover the costs without these.
You can donate here on Ko-fi, thank you!

Add more Providers

In case you got coding skills, you can help us to add more Providers to metaDedi. You can find the Gitlab repository here: Gitlab, thaaaanks!


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